A frequently asked question, by fresh graduates and mostly by those who believe that they are lost. as a scientist. one of the most important tasks in your duty; is to seek the truth. to research and find the unknown.

where should I start !?

In the beginning, Ill personally ask you to follow your passion in your field. where you think that you gonna enjoy what you are going to be doing! and then try to find other fields that might be interesting for you. 

Its all started when i was an undergraduate student with a passion for art and science. but back in 2010-2011 I was focusing on 3D modeling, rigging and sport cars. specially BMW Z4 Mpowered. that passion made me wanna create a computer program using MEL commands scripting on Autodesk Maya. a friend of mine since high school days have suggested that " if you are going to create the car, the landscape ( track ), user interface ( UI ) and the program ! you are technically trying to create a game. why dont you try creating that using Unity3D though; its physics engine might help you a lot. "

his words made sense back then. he was accurate about what he was talking about because of his passion ( games development ). which then made discuss that idea with my graduation project supervisor  ( Dr. Ashraf Qadoumi ) about the idea of creating a game. instead of that plug in i was aiming for. 

have I changed my passion ?

yes and no ! not that much of a change has accrued because after all. I will be modeling my dream car on my favorite program and do all the programming using a real object oriented programming language which is much easier and well known by my supervisor ( C# ). so, i have started the new trending game engine and its capabilities. through that research i have found out many cons and rods. but all the positive arrows was pointing to do it on unity instead of maya. 

thats why i have finally decided to start learning unity! 

as a Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Computer Graphics and Animation student student (PSUT 2008 - 2012). I was exposed to Game Design pipeline and Games Development using ( XNA ) which was a very basic library that helped C# developers to create games. but indeed its not comparable to Unity3D game engine which had too many features and a stand alone interface which helps to manage all the assets needed such as gameobjects, shaders, music and sound elements, shaders never the less the script files. which was easily attached to gameobjects or called in the game loop.

in that semester. I had to take a training at a company which made me wanna drop the idea of joining ( B4 ) studio and join ( Mixed Dimensions - later called MXD ) which had put too much effort making me more familiar with Unity3D as a ... ! 3rd party plugins developer and not a game developer. that alone. made me have to do my own research on developing games alongside of working as a technical developer of programs that run on Unity3D !  through that training ! I truly liked what i was doing as a programmer. regardless all the discussions between me and Dr. Qadoumi about the benefits of teaching us programming instead of focusing on the art side. MXD have achieved what the university couldnt and created a passion towards learning how to code in the right methods instead of blundering in the ocean of programming. never the less, working on the development of my digital art skill didnt stop. never the less were design using (adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and autdesk maya).