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In this article you will go through some of the most used Javascript libraries for 2020. If you dont know what a library is ? Read this article before you go !

Top 10 JS Libraries to use in your next project in 2020.

JS has always been the logic of websites user interfaces, it gave the websites the spirit to be alive after looking good (using CSS). after nodejs and npm was introduced; JS has became the tool that is widely used by a lot of designers, UI/UX specialists, front-end developers as well as backend developers.


The following is a list containing the top 10 js libraries based on mostly downloaded, forked and watched on github. That will absolutely transform your website design, look, feel and experience into a fascinating modern website 

Keep in mind that all of the listed frameworks are free to use and open source.

#10 JQuery

Jquery.js is the most popular javascript library among all web developers. Specifically those who code in JS for front-end behaviour. Its simple usage. Made it very easy to be learned. Featuring a set of functions that manipulates web elements, handle events and Ajax. nowadays JQuery is dependency for most other JS and CSS frameworks. Such as the most popular CSS framework bootstrap  

#9 Font Awesome

Fontawesome.js After the wide usage of font awesome as your CSS library of icons, they have transformed into JS and used SVG elements, that update was introduced with FontAwesome 5 which is free to use (not fully). Unfortunately. They have limited the usage for this icon library into a certain number of usage to make more tracking as well as making you forced to buy their premium packs of icons. Though, you gonna enjoy that as you would get 5000+ icons of multi variation for each icon.

#8 Feather.js

Feather.js is a simple, beautiful yet easy to use JS library which contains 282 beautifully designed lines icons, the library replaces the tags with the actual SVGs inside your webpage. Its absolutely awesome and 100% free (so far). If you are looking for an equivalent for font awesome (especially if you want to use the line theme in your interface but you cant) All you have to do is to this library a try. 

#7 Anime.js

Anime.js is a lightweight and easy to use JavaScript animation library with a simple, yet powerful API. It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects. To give you the ability to control create animation with simple lines of JS code.

With a very powerful Documentation and Examples you will be able to use this library with ease and give life to your current or next website project.

#6 Howler.js

howler.js makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms. The library will give you the ability to stream from live radio, create your next music player. And use it in your as a spatial audio for your game (works very well in a 3D scene of THREE)

#5 Chart.js

Chart.js Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers which will give the power to create a live, animated and eight different types of charts; which could be mixed together as one chart as well. The charts generated are responsive 

#4 Reveal.js

Reveal.js THE HTML PRESENTATION FRAMEWORK, an awesome presentation creator using HTML. which enables you to create beautiful interactive slide decks using HTML. add animation, transitions . create a horizontal and vertical spreading as well as - for me this is the most awesome feature - the ability to export or download the HTML presentation site as Portable Document File (PDF).

#3 THREE.js

THREE.js is a cross-browser library that allows you to display and animate 3D computer graphics in a web browser applications using webGL nevertheless 3D CSS transform effects or render SVG images without using canvas. The library has become famous and when you visit their official website after the amazing gallery of examples and awesome documentation ; they have introduced a new editor that can help users to create 3D objects before using them on their website. This library is recommended for those who want to create 3D effects on their website or web games developers

#2 Pixi.js

Pixi.js is the fastest, most flexible and easy to use 2D webGL renderer. Tinting, blending modes and filters as if you are using photoshop on a website. Its absolutely awesome. You can check examples and see the modern web and how its going.


#1 Video.js

Video.js s a web video player built from the ground up for an HTML5 world. It supports HTML5 video and modern streaming formats, as well as YouTube, Vimeo, and even Flash .It supports video playback on desktop and mobile devices.

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